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Our Mission

The mission of Amicus Fidelis, Inc. is to promote quality Christian Classical Education in Riverton, and Fremont County, and Wyoming, and all the world based upon a classically, orthodox biblical view of the world in a nurturing environment where academic studies are integrated with the truth of God's Word, preparing students to live their lives with integrity characterized by a personal relationship with Christ.  

Faithful Friend

Translated in Latin, Amicus Fidelis means "loyal friend" or "faithful friend". Amicus Fidelis considers partnering with programs in alignment with the values sited in the missions statement.

Amicus Fidelis

Examples of programs supported by Amicus Fidelis are: 

            Tuition Assistance

            Capacity Building
            Professional Development
            Program Expansion
            Capital Improvement Plans  

Amicus Fidelis, Inc.

- is a non-profit organization incorportated in the state of Wyoming
- is a charitable organization under Section 501c(3) of the IRS Code
- accepts donations in all forms: cash, charitable trusts, stock, real and personal property